TIMDb: Complete Career Record

Usage of the word “complete” in that title is somewhat optimistic. There’s so much stuff in my career history that I’m sure I forgot about some of it. Nevertheless, everything I can remember will end up on this page eventually and create a handy index for the articles presented on this website.

Images, entries, and links will be added as time allows. So check back from time to time and watch it bloom.


Managed to get born (toughest thing anyone can do) in Grand Rapids, MI


Became aware of dinosaurs and the space program


Started drawing (I think), became aware of comic books


Hooked on Speed Racer and Land of the Lost
Space Battleship Yamato begins in Japan


Hooked on Marvel comics (with Spider-Man 142) and Space: 1999


Hooked on Star Wars and Shogun Warriors, started drawing comics of both


COMICS: Homemade titles: Star Wars, Shogun Warriors, and others


Hooked on Star Blazers

COMICS: Homemade titles: Star Wars, Shogun Warriors, Astroblast, Super Jerk, The Muppet Movie, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye


COMICS: Homemade titles: Star Wars, Raider 19, Escape from Yavin, Degree Plus Delta


Attended first SF convention (Babelcon III) in Grand Rapids, MI

COMICS: Homemade titles: REM, Yeti, Ghostworld, Star Wars: Ringworld

FANZINES: Noids ’n Droids 1

ILLUSTRATION: 1982 Star Wars calendar, Vantage Point (high school newspaper)


First animation job at Industrial Media Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI
Started creating comics for fanzines

FANZINES: Noids ’n Droids 2, Time Chariots, Legends of Light 1, Zine 1, Space Corps Scandals 2, Passage to Arms, Shadow Star 7 & 8

ANIMATION: US Navy recruitment commercials


Graduated high school, began a career in graphic arts/print media
Hooked on Space Battleship Yamato and began life as an anime fan

FANZINES: Noids ’n Droids 3 & 4 Time Chariots, Crossed Sabers 3, Warped Space 48 & 49, Zine 2, Facets 11, Hitchhiker’s Guide Companion


Hooked on Armored Trooper Votoms anime series

FANZINES: Noids ’n Droids 5, Legends of Light 2, Warped Space 50, Zine 3, Lightspeed Prologue issue

ILLUSTRATION: Cadence newspaper editorial cartoons


Served on staff of Babel Con VII SF convention in Grand Rapids, MI

COMICS: Began developing Chaser Platoon

FANZINES: Time Chariots, Lightspeed 1

ILLUSTRATION: Cadence newspaper editorial cartoons


Served as chairman of Babel Con VIII SF convention in Grand Rapids, MI

FANZINES: Started working on Votoms Viewer’s Guide

ILLUSTRATION: Cadence newspaper editorial cartoons


Moved away from home
Began participating in anime APA groups

COMICS: Began developing Broid series


Founded anime club Animania

COMICS: Continued developing Broid


Became a father, began full-time comics career

FANZINES: Completed Votoms Viewer’s Guide

COMICS: Mayhem 1-4 (Dark Horse), continued developing Broid


COMICS: Lensman: Secret of the Lens 1-6, Lensman: Galactic Patrol 1-5, Lensman: War of the Galaxies 1, Broid 1-4, Broid: Shatterpoint 1, Pirate Queen Emeraldas 1 & 2 (Eternity)


First home computer (Mac Classic)
Began freelance writing for U.S. Manga Corps

COMICS: Broid: Shatterpoint 2-4, Lensman: War of the Galaxies 2-7, Pirate Queen Emeraldas 3 & 4, Captain Harlock 12 & 13, Captain Harlock: Deathshadow Rising 1-6, Captain Harlock Christmas Special, Ground Zero 1 & 2 Lensman: Birth of a Lensman, Lensman: Secret of the Lens, Lensman: Galactic Patrol collections (Eternity), Alien Nation: Firstcomers 1-4 (Adventure) Chaser Platoon 1-6 (Aircel)

ILLUSTRATION: Planets of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (West End Games), Freedom Union (Dark Tower)


Moved to Los Angeles, joined staff of Malibu Comics

COMICS: Started Grease Monkey Book 1, Captain Harlock: Fall of the Empire 1-4, Robotech: Invid War 1-8 (Eternity), Cybersuit Arkadyne 1-3 (Ianus), Fathom 1 (Comico)

ILLUSTRATION: Mission to Lianna, Planet of the Mists, The Politics of Contraband (West End Games), Auto Duel Quarterly, Night Brood, Challenge Magazine, Torg: When Axioms Collide, Gurps Supers Adventures, Chrome Book 2, Dream Park (various publishers)


COMICS: Grease Monkey premieres in Up ’n Coming 24-29 (Styx International), Captain Harlock: The Machine People 1-4, Robotech: Firewalkers, Robotech: Invid War 9-18, Robotech: Return to Macross 1-4, Eternity Triple Action 1-4 (Eternity), Firearm 4, The Strangers 7, Break-thru 1 (Malibu Comics), Fathom 2 & 3 (Comico)

ILLUSTRATION: Disc Distributing promotions (through 1997), Han Solo and the Corporate Sector, Twin Stars of Kira, Shatterzone Arsenal (West End Games), Torg: Tokyo Citybook, Gurps Martial Arts Adventures (Steve Jackson Games), Scream (unproduced musical)


Left Malibu Comics for freelance career, co-founded Studio Go!

COMICS: Mountain Bike magazine (June), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 14 & 15, Battletech: Fallout 1, Project A-ko 1-4, The Strangers 8-18 (Malibu Comics), Warriors of Plasm 11-13, Charlemagne 5 (Defiant), Star Wars: Last Rites (homemade)

ILLUSTRATION: Phantom movie presentation book (Universal), The Last Command (West End Games)


COMICS: Battletech: Fallout 0, 2-4, The Strangers 19 (Malibu Comics) Project A-ko 2 1-3, M.D. Geist 1-3, Cyber City 1-6, Project A-ko Collection, Project A-ko 2 Collection, Project A-ko vs the Universe 1 & 2 (CPM Comics), Grease Monkey 1 & 2, Death Rattle 1 (Kitchen Sink Press), Star Blazers 0-3 (Argo Press)

ILLUSTRATION: Platt’s Starport Guide, Heroes & Rogues (West End Games)


Produced art/packaging for Armored Trooper Votoms DVD series (US Manga Corps/Nutech)
Began full-time animation storyboarding career, joined Sony Animation Studio

COMICS: Star Blazers 4-9, Star Blazers Special Edition, Star Blazers Perfect Album (Argo Press), Armored Trooper Votoms 1, Project A-ko vs the Universe 3-5, M.D. Geist: Ground Zero 1-3 (CPM Comics), Cybersuit Arkadyne appears in Cyberwerx 1-3 (Mu Press)

ILLUSTRATION: The Kathol Outback, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (expanded edition), Endgame (West End Games)

ANIMATION: Wing Commander Academy (Universal), Mummies Alive (DIC)


COMICS: Star Blazers 10 & 11, Armored Trooper Votoms: Supreme Survivor (CPM Comics), Godmoney (unpublished)

ILLUSTRATION: Dataworks Annual Report

ANIMATION: Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black (Sony)


COMICS: Grease Monkey 1 & 2 (Image)

ANIMATION: Godzilla: the Series (Sony)


COMICS: Workforce magazine

ANIMATION: Maxine’s Christmas Carol, Dragon Tales (Sony), Sammy (Sony, unaired)


ANIMATION: Grease Monkey shorts, Dragon Tales (Sony)


Produced Star Blazers Series 1 DVDs (Voyager Entertainment)

COMICS: The Man Who Grew Young (Context Books)

ANIMATION: Heavy Gear (Sony), Atlantis: the Series (Disney, unaired)


Produced Star Blazers Series 2 DVDs and Yamato movies (Voyager Entertainment)
Launched and maintained starblazers.com (Voyager Entertainment)

COMICS: Finished Grease Monkey Book 1

ILLUSTRATION: Mecha Mania (Watson-Guptill)

ANIMATION: Max Steel (Sony)


Produced Star Blazers Series 3 and Yamato movie DVDs (Voyager Entertainment)
Left Sony Animation Studio, joined WB Animation Studio

COMICS: Stripperella (Humanoids)

ILLUSTRATION: Manga Mania Villains, Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds (Watson-Guptill)

ANIMATION: Spider-Man: the New Animated Series, Jackie Chan Adventures (Sony), Tutenstein (Discovery Kids), Xiaolin Showdown (WB), Bionicle: Mask of Light (Miramax)


Left WB Animation Studio for freelance storyboard career

ANIMATION: Twin Princes (unproduced feature), Xiaolin Showdown Season 2 (WB)


Wrote and produced Space Battleship Yamato: the Making of an Anime Legend (Voyager Entertainment)

COMICS: Started Star Blazers Rebirth webcomic

ANIMATION: Xiaolin Showdown Season 3 (WB), Max Steel: Forces of Nature (Mattel)


Produced Armored Trooper Votoms Field Guide for DVD box set (US Manga Corps)

COMICS: Grease Monkey: A Tale of Growing up in Orbit (Tor Books), The Wall (unpublished)

ANIMATION: Teen Titans (series), Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Legion of Super-Heroes (WB), Scooby Doo and Shaggy Get a Clue (WB), Ultimate Avengers (Marvel), Max Steel: Countdown (Mattel), Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild (Sony)


Began semi-annual trips to Japan

COMICS: Finished Star Blazers Rebirth webcomic, started Grease Monkey Book 2 webcomic

ANIMATION: Scooby Doo and Shaggy Get a Clue (WB), Max Steel: Dark Rival (Mattel), Tak and the Power of Juju (Nickelodeon)


COMICS: Sierra magazine (Sept/Oct issue)

ANIMATION: Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony), Batman: the Brave and the Bold (WB)


COMICS: Finished Grease Monkey Book 2 webcomic, started The Bolar Wars Extended webcomic

ANIMATION: Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel/Kickstart), Batman: the Brave and the Bold (WB), Futurama (Rough Draft Studio)


COMICS: Continued The Bolar Wars Extended (starblazers.com)

ANIMATION: Batman: the Brave and the Bold (WB), Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Marvel), DC Superfriends: The Joker’s Playhouse (WB), Monster High: New Ghoul in School (Mattel), Body by Jake for Kids (canceled)


COMICS: Continued The Bolar Wars Extended

ANIMATION: Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Young Justice (WB), Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel)


Joined Marvel Animation Studio
Transformed starblazers.com into Cosmo DNA (ourstarblazers.com)

ANIMATION: WWE Rumblers (pilot, Mattel), Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 1 (Marvel/Disney)


COMICS: Continued The Bolar Wars Extended

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 1 (Marvel/Disney), Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. (WB), Xiaolin Chronicles (independent)


COMICS: Continued The Bolar Wars Extended

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 2 (Marvel/Disney)


COMICS: Finished The Bolar Wars Extended

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 2 & 3 (Marvel/Disney)


COMICS: Started Pitsberg webcomic

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 3 (Marvel/Disney)


COMICS: Continued Pitsberg

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 4 (Marvel/Disney)


COMICS: Continued Pitsberg

ILLUSTRATION: Album art for WKW: Hands Across the Ocean

ANIMATION: Marvel’s Avengers Season 5 (Marvel/Disney), Spider-Geddon Youtube comics (Marvel), High Guardian Spice (Crunchyroll)


Became a grandfather

COMICS: Continued Pitsberg

ILLUSTRATION: Album art for WKW: Men of Steel

ANIMATION: Spider-Man: Maximum Venom (Marvel/Disney), Howard the Duck pitch (Marvel/Disney)


Marvel Animation Studio closes, returned to freelance storyboard career

COMICS: Completed Pitsberg

ANIMATION: Spider-Man: Maximum Venom (Marvel/Disney), Freak Angels (Crunchyroll), Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles (Netflix), Magic The Gathering (Hasbro, canceled)


Launched ArtValt in January

ANIMATION: Magic The Gathering (Hasbro, canceled)


ANIMATION: Grimsberg season 1 (Fox), Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racers (Mattel/Netflix)


COMICS: Started The Last Blue Eagle webcomic

ANIMATION: Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racers (Mattel/Netflix)

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  1. Dasha KO says:

    Well… let’s try again.
    I just want to say that this is all very cool. So much impressive. So much work.
    I haven’t watched all the cartoons from this list, but I loved Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black and Jackie Chan Adventures in childhood (as they say – I ran after school to quickly turn on TV). Pleasantly surprised to read that you have worked on this series.
    But work with comics has been done much more, as far as I understand. Your work inspire me. I wish you to keep create in all directions.

  2. AJ says:

    Hey Tim, it’s Aaron! I finally got a moment to sit back and explore the site. Such an honor to work with you and our run on Pitsberg was one of my proudest moments. Let me know where the stars take you to next!

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