Dream Park, 1992

I haven’t read many books by Larry Niven (or possibly any at all), so this found description of his 1981 SF mystery Dream Park (co-written by Steven Barnes) will have to sum it up for you:

A group of pretend adventurers suits up for a campaign called “The South Seas Treasure Game.” As in the early role-playing games, there are dungeon masters, warriors, magicians, and thieves. The difference? At Dream Park, a futuristic fantasy theme park full of holographic attractions and the latest in VR technology, they play in an artificial enclosure that has been enhanced with special effects, holograms, actors, and a clever story line. The players get as close as possible to truly living their adventure.

Someone at R. Talsorian games decided this was a good basis for a role-playing game, so they published one in 1992 and hired me to contribute some illustrations. Looking at them now, I can tell it was an assignment that came and went while I was still figuring out how to ink with a brush. Getting better, but there was still some distance to travel. All my art for the game book is shown below.

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