Malibu and Me, Part 2: 1993

Secret untold stories from inside the beating heart of a top comic book publisher in the early 90s. The stakes were higher, the struggles were harder, and it always felt like disaster was waiting around the corner. Prepare to have all your comic book illusions replaced by harsher realities.

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Tak and the Power of Juju, 2007

With every series I've worked on, I always found something to love and memories to cherish. Except this one. To the outside world, Nickelodeon is a playground of fun, excitement, and colorful cartoons. On the inside, the picture is quite different. Everyone comes out of it with a story to tell, and now you get to read mine. Spoiler: it ends with me getting fired.

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2000AD cover galleries

In November 1983, a significant event shifted my path: I bought the first "import" issue of Judge Dredd and gradually became hooked on a massive body of science-fiction comics that started in 1977 and continues to this day. If you're pursuing a 2000AD collection of your own, or just want to look at some wild and crazy art guaranteed to entertain, you'll find a lot here to like.

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The Armored Trooper Votoms Hub

Armored Trooper Votoms is my favorite mecha anime of all time. It's one of the things that made me what I am today. I participated in its import to the US and various other projects, but never got the chance to take my fandom online...until now. This right here is a website-within-a-website that will explore Votoms like never before. Keep watching as new content is added!

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Chapter 1 posted January 1, 2024!

Read THE LAST BLUE EAGLE, my new and original SF adventure webcomic created just for this site! In the world of the future, Earth is one of six planets united in a bond of mutual prosperity. Linked by Quantum Gates that allow for FTL travel, the gifts they shared with each other brought tremendous evolution to technology, culture, trade…and crime.

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