Star Wars: Kathol Outback, 1995

My tenth Star Wars assignment from West End Games was a short but memorable one. Just seven illustrations done in the month of October 1995. During this time, I was working full-tilt on anime-derived comics for Argo Press and CPM and fully immersed in my pencil-to-Photoshop technique. I wouldn’t stick with it forever, but at the time it was an ideal way to stay ahead of deadlines.

Kathol Outback was part of something called the “DarkStryder Campaign,” a series of connected adventures that took players into new and remote regions that didn’t necessarily fit into the established Star Wars aesthetic. I wasn’t a participant on the writing side, but it felt to me like they were experimenting with new ideas to keep pace with the rapidly-expanding body of work now know as the Expanded Universe. It’s a big galaxy, so anything goes.

Anyway, it was fun to push at the edges and explore a wider design range. And Photoshop was happy to serve.

Find a complete PDF of the book here.

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