Star Wars: Endgame, 1996

This volume from West End Games had quite a prophetic title. It was the end of a 4-book campaign for them and the end of a career phase for me. I had just gotten my beak wet in the TV animation world, and freelance illustration work was on the way out. This wasn’t just my last Star Wars assignment (of 12) for West End, it was my last Star Wars project of any kind. I strongly suspect that the income I made from these games over that four-year span paid off my fandom with money left over. In other words, I made more from Star Wars than I spent on it. Not a bad way to close the books.

This was the final part of what was called the Darkstryder Campaign. From what I could tell, without reading the game books themselves, it was a departure into an unexplored part of the galaxy. Oddly, it’s the one and only West End book I contributed to that didn’t end up on my shelf afterward. Someone let them know that I’m still waiting for my comp copy, would you?

Find a complete PDF of the book here.

Production period: July & August 1996

Originals drawn in pencil, darkened and toned in Photoshop

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