Star Wars: Through a Child’s Eyes, 1982

Disclaimer: this is fanfic I wrote and drew when I was 17. I don’t own Star Wars. Though if someone wants to give it to me, I won’t say no.

Of the many Star Wars tales I crafted in my teen years, this is one of the most dramatic, certainly the most experimental. Ever since Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the concept of a super-crystal that embodies The Force was an irresistible storytelling lure. Almost anything goes when you have an entire galaxy to play in, and I don’t think I’m the only one who took a bite of this particular apple.

Much later, someone near the top of the Star Wars ladder laid down the law that such crystals are simply components of lightsabers and that was that. But in the wild west days, the only rules were what we saw in the movies themselves. So we were free to play and imagine.

What I decided to do with it was cross a line of no return. If such a thing existed, it would grant God Power to its user. And what better user than a young child with an urge to play and no moral compass to guide them?

This idea was hatched in the summer of ’82. I’m pretty sure I started with the ending and worked backward from there. I drew the first page and put it aside for a while to work on other stories (I don’t know why I did things that way, it was kinda weird), then picked it back up in October and went non-stop for almost the entire month. At 49 pages, it’s one of my longest fanzine comics, and even today I can say that every page matters.

It was published in ‘Noids ‘n’ Droids #3 from Gweetna Press in January 1983.



















































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