Planetes publishing

Japanese manga volumes, Kodansha

Vol. 1, Jan 2001

Vol. 2, Oct 2001

Vol. 3, Jan 2003

Vol. 4, Feb 2004

See the entire Japanese edition online at these two sources: Comic Days | Piccoma

The Challenge of Space in 2075:
Planetes Official Guide Book

2075年宇宙への挑戦 プラネテス公式ガイドブック
B&W, 214 pages
Kodansha, Feb 2004

Published along with the final manga volume, this book offers a story summary, character guide, world & technology guide, real-world space history, fictional timeline, and more. The anime series was on TV at the time, but only gets 6 pages of coverage. Some of the material in this book was translated for the US manga edition by Tokyo Pop.

Planetes Companion

Color and B&W, 152 pages
Kodansha, Dec 2004

Bundled with a DVD (containing Episode 7 with an audio commentary), this book is equally divided between the manga and anime series. The manga half includes tributes, a chapter reprint, and gag strips. The anime half includes an episode guide, model sheets, and tribute art.

US manga volumes, Tokyo Pop

Includes some color pages from the original edition

Vol. 1 (Chapters 1-5), Oct 2003

Vol. 2 (Chapters 6-11), Jan 2004

Vol. 3 (Chapters 12-16, plus an extra), June 2004

Vol. 4/1 (Chapters 17-21 & bonus material), Nov 2004

Vol. 4/2 (Chapters 22-26 & bonus material), Feb 2005

The Japanese edition of Vol. 4 was double-length, so it was split in half for the US edition and augmented with material from the Challenge of Space 20175 book.

US manga volumes, Dark Horse

Includes all color pages from the original edition, relettered with a modified translation

Vol. 1 (Chapters 1-12), Dec 2015
Order it from RightStuf here

Vol. 2 (Chapters 13-26, plus an extra), April 2016
Order it from RightStuf here

Model Graphix magazine articles, 2004-05

Model Graphix is a long running, high-end hobby magazine published by Dai Nippon Kaiga. Beginning in February 2004, it became the only magazine to publish articles concurrent with the Planetes anime release on DVD. That entire series of articles is presented here.

February 2004: 1/200 scratch-built Toybox model

May 2004: 1/48 scratch-built Fishbone model

June 2004: Technical File Vol. 1, Toybox I

July 2004: Technical File Vol. 2, Toybox I continued

August 2004: Technical File Vol. 3, Space suit

September 2004: Technical File Vol. 4, Fishbone

October 2004: Technical File Vol. 5, Toybox II

November 2004: Technical File Vol. 6, Toybox II continued

December 2004: Technical File Vol. 7, Von Braun

January 2005: Technical File Vol. 8, Von Braun and Moon city

February 2005: Final Technical File, Space station ISPV-7

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