Planetes products

Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

Includes the full OP and ED themes, plus the insert song A Secret of the Moon

Victor Entertainment, VICL-61235
December 2003

Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

Includes the insert songs Thanks My Friend and Planetes Affetuoso

Victor Entertainment, VICL-61236
March 2004

Both of these CDs are out of print, but can be heard in their entirety on Youtube here

OP/ED CD single

Includes full versions of both Dive in the Sky and Wonderful Life (click to hear them), plus off-vocal versions

Victor Entertainment, VICL-35586
November 2003

Drama CD “Sound Marks”

An audio-only addendum to the anime, this disc contains three “bonus episodes” with TV series music and actors, and a “cast party” adding up to 53 minutes of content. Collectors note: this is NOT the same material as the “audio drama” bonus features on DVD and Bluray.

Victor Entertainment, VICL-61311
October 2004

Buttons & badge holder, unknown source

1/500 Toybox, garage kit by Platz

A limited-edition kit with both resin and metal parts. (Long out of production, sorry.)

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