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Defying expectations, the amount of Galient merchandising increased several times over as the decades rolled on. More products were released in its legacy years than during the time of its broadcast, and their quality has improved dramatically. These releases lean heavily into the retooled mecha designs in the Crest of Iron OAV, despite its relative rarity.

Here’s everything that could be found during the research for this profile.

Vintage products, 1984-85

Ad for 1/100 model kits by Takara. All box art by Yoshiyuki Takani.

Kit 1: Galient (two editions shown) See more images here

Kit 2: Wingal (two editions shown)

Kit 3: Zuwel (see more images here) / Kit 4: Skurts

Kit 5: Promaxis (see more images here) / Kit 6: Azolba

Kit 7: Wingal Zee (see more images here) / Kit 9: Promaxis Zee (not shown; see images here)
Kit 10: High Type Wingal (see more images (see more images here))

Kit 8: Assault Galient (two editions shown)

Ad for 1/130 model kits by Crown. See a video overview of the Galient kit here and the Promaxis kit here.

Chewing gum mini-model kits by Kabaya

1/100 Joint Model by Sansei

Choro-Q toy by Takara

Galient Eight toy set by Seven

Panzer Blade tactical game by Tsukuda

Legacy products

Garage kits (dates unknown)

Evil God Soldier (version 1)

Evil God Soldier (version 2)

Panzer Scale Azolba

Master Action Figure by Yujin (mid-90s)

1/72 resin kits by Kotobukiya (2000-2001)

See a video unboxing of the Galient resin kit here

10cm One-Coin figures by Kotobukiya (2004)

Assault Galient figure by CM’s (date unknown)

Brave Alloy PVC figure by CM’s (2009)

See unboxing videos here and here

Limited Edition

23cm Full Action Model by Wave (2009)

See a video review here

Super Mini Pla model kits by Bandai (2017)

Galient set (TV and OAV versions)

See a video review here. See a video build of these models here.

Order the set from CD Japan here.

Wingal Zee. See a video build here.

Twingal. See video footage here.

Wingal, Hy Shaltat type

Promaxis. See a video build here.

Promaxis Zee

Zuwel and Skurts

Evil God Soldier. See a video build here

16cm Robot Spirits figures by Bandai (2018)

See a video review of the Galient here

See a video review of the Wingal here

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