DADtoons, Volume 2

In Volume 1, I laid out the scope of this project: for a period of five years, I did freelance cartoons for a computer supply company called DISC Distributing. They published a monthly newsletter titled Disc’s Awesome Deals, which gave them the anagram “DAD.” They asked me to invent a character who looked like a generic dad, and could be placed in just about any cartoon scenario to liven up the newsletter.

As time went on, they got more and more inventive with the cartoon scenarios. I don’t know whose responsibility it was to think them up, but every couple of weeks I would get another unpredictable request from my contact (a woman named Terry who unfortunately I never met in person). Make DAD an airplane pilot. Now make him a weightlifter. Now make him an escaped lunatic. Now he’s Rambo. Now he’s Spock. And one by one, I’d whip up a new cartoon (or several) that put DAD through his paces.

Very seldom did they turn down an idea from my side, which kept it enjoyable. Most of my ideas were approved on the first round. If not, a second round was usually the winner. I sent them most of the original art, but I kept all the rough sketches. And thus, here is the second round of DADtoons, most of which were done in 1996.

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