DADtoons, Volume 4

Throughout the first three volumes of this collection, you saw individual illustrations I did for DISC Distributing. They were featured on oldey-timey paper advertising: brochures, flyers, posters, and junk mail like we used to have back in the cave man days. I don’t know how it impacted DISC’s sales of computer and copier supplies, but they kept coming back to me for about five years so something must have been going right.

Something else I produced for them during that time was a pair of DISC calendars, one for 1997 and another for 1998. Of course, they were created in late ’96 and late ’97 respectively, and the budget was higher, allowing me to color them as well.

The ’97 calendar featured the DAD character in various everyday scenarios, prompting me to come up with family members for him (whose backs were conveniently turned toward the viewer). The ’98 calendar had a movie theme with DAD participating in scenarios from 12 favorite and iconic films. The only concession to advertising was that each image had to somehow incorporate the company’s 800 number. So it was fun to figure those out.

These two projects close the lid on my time with DISC Distributing. Like paper-based advertising, the company itself eventually faded away as so many pre-internet outfits did. I enjoyed my tenure as a freelance corporate mascot cartoonist. The work was never intrusive, approvals came easily, and their checks always cleared. I wish I could say the same about every client.

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