DADtoons, Volume 3

This third and final set of cartoons for DISC Distributing, drawn in 1997 and 1998, puts their mascot character (“DAD”) through some more weird and wacky paces, and also gives him a sidekick. In fall ’97 the company introduced their own branded credit card, and I learned what it was like to articulate a character with a 1-dimensional body.

The DAD cartoon assignments slowed down in 1998 and finally came to an end that summer for reasons I don’t remember. My main guess is that online advertising was taking the place of paper mailers and newsletters, and the promotional budget shrank accordingly. But no worries; my TV animation career was on the upswing and paying the rent quite nicely.

However, I did fully illustrate two color calendars before the DAD train parked at the station. Look for them in DADtoons Volume 4.

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