Music collection: Anime theme songs

Opening titles for anime shows have a unique, rarified energy. The visuals are always strong and evocative, representing the best of what you’re about to see, but the songs function as both a pitch and a lure. They tell you something about the show and grab your ears with impossibly catchy tunes that stay with you after the show’s over, encapsulating the excitement of anticipation and luring you back for the next episode. Some of them even end up being more memorable than the show they were meant to support.

That’s a lot to accomplish in just 90 seconds (the average running length for an opening), and the makers of anime are very, very good at it. You can’t always carve out time to watch something, but you can take music with you anywhere. The songs work their way into your head and take up permanent residence. The Speed Racer theme, for example, has been on a constant loop somewhere in my brain since the first time I heard it as a child. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme songs have been part of TV anime since Astro Boy. Sometimes their lyrics tell you about the hero or the story, other times they are pure poetry with only an abstract connection. Structurally, they usually present you with a verse and a chorus, then they finish. But invariably, there will be a longer version (upward of 3 minutes) that delivers more. Hearing it in “TV size” makes you want to buy it. And thus, OP/ED songs become an integral part of anime merchandising.

After the Speed Racer theme, the next one that hooked me was Star Blazers, which rewrote the Japanese lyrics of Space Battleship Yamato, but wisely left the music intact. That was the anime series that truly put OP/ED songs on the map. The show took a while to catch on, but the theme was an instant hit and went on to essentially become Japan’s second national anthem. It elevated the craft as nothing had before, using musical craftsmanship to clear the way for OP/ED songs to mature into their own art form.

When I started collecting anime in the 1980s, I slurped up soundtrack albums too, either on LP or homemade cassettes. I did what I assume everyone did, shifting the OP/ED songs onto mix tapes for the car. My friends and I listened and sang to them for hours on end when we took long road trips to cities that had anime swag in stores. It didn’t occur to me that this phenomenon was happening on the other side of the world until I stumbled across a live concert CD called Super Robot Spirits.

This was a revelation. On this 1999 recording, I heard Japanese fans cheering and singing along with the exact same songs that kept my friends and I energized on the road. Music at its best has always had the power to unite us emotionally, but this was another level entirely. It filled my heart with a feeling of international kinship that has never faded.

If you’ve heard even a few OP/ED songs, you won’t be surprised to learn that countless albums of them exist. From straight up reprints to remixes to genre-bending covers to live performances, just about everything can be found in just about any form. And they’re essentially limitless. No two collectors will have identical libraries.

Below is most of what I’ve collected since the bug bit me. Keep in mind that my jam is 80s anime, so most of this focuses on that era. But, of course, you can never stop with just one decade. I’ve left out song collections from anime I’ve already written about here at ArtValt, so take a look at the various profiles to see other entries.

Japanese titles and serial numbers are included for online search purposes. If something’s still available, I’ve added an Amazon link. You can also find plenty of full albums on Youtube and Apple Music, so go get your rock on!

Compilations and Cover Albums

World of Leiji Matsumoto


Nippon Columbia, CS-7090
LP: Dec 1978, CD: Nov 1989

All of Leiji Matsumoto ~ World of SF Roman

松本零士のすべて ~ SFロマンの世界

Nippon Columbia, CZ-7125
Sept 1981

Leiji Matsumoto was responsible for a lot of popular anime in the 70s and early 80s from Yamato to Captain Harlock to Galaxy Express and many others. The OP/ED themes of his shows, like the shows themselves, occupy a category of operatic drama. Both of these albums (and many others that followed) gave listeners a chance to hear them all back to back.

Space Fantasy: Space Cruiser Yamato & Close Encounters


For Life Records, FLL-5019

Space Fantasy + Space Fantasy Live

For Life Records, FLCF-5027
Oct 2010

This was one of the earliest synthesizer cover albums for an anime series, mainly Space Battleship Yamato tracks with a few others mixed in. It would spark a whole series called Digital Trip that gave the same treatment to countless shows in the 80s until the fad died off. The LP (at left) begat a 2-disc CD (at right), which added more tracks and a live concert disc.

Popular Arrange for Young
Terebi Animation exciting brass


Nippon Columbia, CO-7008
July 1978

Space Guitar Suite in Animation


Nippon Columbia, CX-7041

Two more examples from the early years, albums that took anime themes in different musical directions and laid the groundwork for the many other titles on this page.

London Sinfonia Sound
Animation Theme Song Version

Symphonic versions of anime themes from Yamato to Sailor Moon. Curiously, it was made by a Japanese conductor working with a British orchestra.

ロンドン・シンフォニア・サウンド ~ 特撮篇

Forte Music Entertainment, FMCC-5024
April 1994

Animetal Marathon

Animetal is a musical collective that brings heavy metal to the table, turning even the most sedate OP/ED themes into head bangers.

Sony Music Entertainment, SRCL 3779
March 1997

My Dear TV Animation Songs 1


A lighter take on several themes, slimmed down and simplified for younger listeners.

First Music, FGS-305
Dec 1997

Super Robot Taisen F Final Chapter
Arrange Collection Silver

スーパーロボット大戦 F 完結編

Video games are another place to go for covers of your favorite themes. When anime robots started showing up for fantasy team-ups, you can bet they brought their fight songs with them. There’s probably also an “Arrange Collection Gold,” but I haven’t gone looking for it.

First Smile Entertainment, FSCA-10037
May, 1998

Permanent Edition
Anime Theme Song Complete Collection

永久保存版 アニメ主題歌大全集

Complete track listing

Nippon Columbia, GES-31000~09
January 1998

Permanent Edition
Tokusatsu Hero Theme Song Complete Collection

永久保存盤 特撮・ヒーロー主題歌大全集

Complete track listing

Nippon Columbia, GES-31245~54
January 1998

If you want an instant record collection, these two gigantic box sets have yet to be topped for sheer volume: over 240 tracks each on 10 CDs accompanied by hefty lyric books.



King Record Co., KICJ 350
Aug 1998

Antitheses #2

アンチテーゼ #2

King Record Co., KICJ 374
May 1999

Twin albums by Makoto Kuriya, covering several themes with jazz motifs. The sort of album you could sneak into a dinner party with people who know nothing about anime.

Beatmania Ani-Songs MIX
featuring Tatsunoko Pro

Beatmania ANI-SONGS MIX featuring タツノコプロ

Heavy duty electronic remixes of favorite Tatsunoko OP/ED songs, including Mach GoGoGo, Gatchaman, and more.

King Records, KMCA31
Oct 1999

Cartoon Classic Masterpieces
Theme selection 3CD

卡通經典名作 主題精選 3CD

A lucky find at an “off-brand” anime store, collecting 21 CD singles (42 songs) from all the great Nippon Sunrise mecha shows of the 80s.

Ever Anime, A8-911/912/913
Hong Kong bootleg, date unknown

Iron Fist: Rebirth of Superrobots

Covers and remixes of many “super robot” OP/ED themes of the 70s. Relegated as children’s music at the time, they found new life in later years and took on classic status.

Nippon Columbia, COCP-30830
Feb 2000

Cafe De Anime

One of my favorites; a collection of jazz/rock covers from the 70s to the 90s. Highly recommended.

Warner Music Japan, WPC7-10131
Feb 2002

Super Robot Spirits The Best Vol. 1
Super Robo Edition

スーパーロボット魂 ザ・ベスト Vol.1 ~ スパロボ編

Be!Smile Ltd., BSCH-30001/2
Oct 2003

Super Robot Spirits The Best Vol. 2
Super Robo Edition 2

スーパーロボット魂 ザ・ベスト Vol.2 ~ スパロボ編2

Be!Smile Ltd., BSCH-30003/4
Nov 2003

The Super Robot Spirits collective brings together the best-known vocalists from several decades into a supergroup that covers just about every mecha anime OP/ED under the sun in both studio and live concert settings. Each of these is a double-disc collection that takes you to heaven and back. (Same with Volume 3 below.)

Super Robot Spirits The Best Vol. 3
Real Robo Edition

スーパーロボット魂 ザ・ベスト Vol.3 ~ リアルロボ編

Be!Smile Ltd., BSCH-30005/6
Dec 2003

Super Robot Spirits Ballad & Unplugged

スーパーロボット魂 Ballad & Unplugged

Be!Smile Ltd., BSCH-30043
Feb 2006

Absolute Anime 100

絶対 アニメ 100

Aniplex, SVWC 7222
Nov 2004

Gokusen! Anime 100

極選アニメ 100

Aniplex, SVWC 7255
June 2005

Perfect Selection! Best Anison 100 Unplugged

BEST アニソン 100 アンプラグド

Aniplex, SVWC 7355
April 2006

This trilogy of albums was conceived with a single purpose: to jam through 100 different anime themes on a single disc. All three achieve this with flying colors, combining various vocalists with simple instrumentation and plunging straight through their playlists. Some are done as parody, others are straight up, and still others go off on unpredictable tangents. But every minute is wildly inventive and entertaining.

Pamberi Steel Orchestra
Animation Series “the 80’s”

Here’s one you didn’t see coming; anime themes covered by a steel drum band. And they all work!

Gunboy, GBCL-2006

So hot! J-Euro EX ~ 16-chan Version

激アツ! Jユーロ EX ~ 16連チャンバージョン

The sort of disco-beat music you’d expect to hear in a teen clothing store in the mall. But for anime themes. There are two volumes of this if you want them. One was enough for me.

Tokuma Japan Communications, TKCA-73569
Oct 2010

Idolmaster Xenoglossia Character Album Vol. 1

Enthusiastic! Giant (Sunrise) Robot Anime Song Invincible

「アイドルマスター XENOGLASSIA」
キャラクターアルバム vol.1
「熱唱! 巨大(サンライズ)ロボットアニメソング・無敵」

Lantis, LACA 5678
Aug 2007

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Idolmaster Xenoglossia Character Album Vol. 2

Enthusiastic! Giant (Sunrise) Robot Anime Song Storm

「アイドルマスター XENOGLASSIA」
キャラクターアルバム vol.2
「熱唱! 巨大(サンライズ)ロボットアニメソング・嵐」

Lantis, LACA 5694
Oct 2007

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I have no interest at all in Idolmaster (a series about girl singers, I guess), but I was powerless to resist a pair of albums in which these singers covered some of my favorite Sunrise mecha themes from the 80s.

Platina Jazz Anime Standards


These aptly-titled collections are another great example of interpreting OP/ED songs through another musical lens, and they go all over the map with their selections.

Volume 1

Victor Entertainment, VICP-64778
Nov 2009

Order it here

Volume 2

Victor Entertainment, VICP-64900
Nov 2010

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Volume 3

Victor Entertainment, VICP-65036
Feb 2012

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Volume 4

Victor Entertainment, VICP-65155
June 2013

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Volume 5

Victor Entertainment, VICP-65337
Nov 2015

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Volume 6

Victor Entertainment, VICP-65552
Oct 2019

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Bossa du Anime ~ Animentine
by Clementine

アニメンティーヌ ~ Bossa Du Anime

Sony Music Japan International Inc., SICP-2770
July 2010

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Continued Animentine, by Clementine

続 アニメンティーヌ

Sony Music Japan International Inc., SICP-3027
March 2011

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Another unexpected approach; anime themes rendered in an easy-listening style with French and English lyrics. They would not be at all out of place in the background of a groovy French cafe.

Animetal USA

As good a symbol as any for how far anime OP/ED songs have penetrated the west; heavy metal rockers deliver ear-splitting versions of OP/ED songs with newly-written English lyrics that actually preserve the original content. Find samples on Youtube here.

Sony Music Japan, SICP 3268
Oct 2011

This is all I want to know: 50 Anime Songs


50 years, 50 songs. That’s the shortest way to sum up this 2-disc compendium of Columbia’s most popular songs starting with Jungle Emperor [Kimba] in 1965. If you’re looking for an instant collection of classics it can’t be beat.

Columbia, September 2015

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This album is a collection of theme songs by famed Japanese lyricist Yu Aku, from the worlds of anime and tokusatsu (live-action special effects) TV shows. They are all covered by contemporary artists in modern styles, and include such fare as Yamato, Ultraman and Mach Baron.

Kanameishi Records, December 2017

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Series Collections

Dr. Slump, Arale Chan LP

Nippon Columbia, CZ-7119
July 1981

Dr. Slump, Arale Chan
Complete Collection


Columbia Music Entertainment, COCX-32371~72
Aug 2003

Dr. Slump is a guilty pleasure of mine, a long-running series created by Akira Toriyama prior to Dragonball. In case you’ve never seen it, it exists somewhere in the gulf between Looney Tunes and The Simpsons. The songs are pretty juvenile, but are fun when you’re in a weird mood. Honestly, I bought them hoping to find some BGM tracks, but they’ve still never been released.

Patlabor Complete Vocal Collection


OP/ED songs from the Patlabor TV and OVA series.

VAP, VPCG-84218
Dec 1993

Saint Seiya Best Collection

OP/ED songs and “insert” songs from the world-famous shonen fighting series.

Sonmay, GA-046
Hong Kong bootleg, date unknown

Steam Detectives Vocal Album White

快傑蒸気探偵団 ヴォーカルアルバム White

This is kind of a forgotten series, but I quite liked the songs and was surprised to find a whole album of them.

King Record Co., KICA-439
Dec 1998

Music Clip 47

銀河旋風ブライガー / 銀河烈風バクシンガー /

A triple threat! Songs from three early 80s mecha shows that would be kinda hard to find on their own.

EMI Music Japan, TOCT-10667
Feb 1999

The Secret of Blue Water Vocal Twin Best

ふしぎの海のナディア ヴォーカル・ツインベスト

Double-CD collection of Nadia songs, both from the anime and character songs created for album release.

EMI Music Japan, TYCY-10055~56
Oct 2001

Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Best


One full disc of OP/ED songs and a DVD of OP/ED titles, all from the first anime version.

Aniplex, SVWC7216
Oct 2004

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Emiko Shiratori: Vifam Collaboration

Gunboy, GBCL-2007
Aug 2005

Deep Paradise
Inspired by Armored Trooper Votoms

Gunboy, GBCL-2005

“Gunboy” was a fascinating experiment, a short-lived record label created by Sunrise to breathe new musical life into OP/ED themes from favorite mecha shows of the 80s. Each one took a different out-of-the-box approach. The Vifam album consists of symphonic music with a female vocalist (creating lyrics for BGM tracks), where the Votoms album sounds like a grunge band in a dive bar (with a torch singer performing in English). I’m pretty sure every title Gunboy published is here on this page. I wish they’d kept going.

Prismix: Legend of Ideon

The Gunboy experiment also incorporated Ideon with a prog/easy listening approach. You won’t be surprised to learn that the steel drum orchestra album from higher up the page was another Gunboy release.

Gunboy, GBCL-2008
Sept 2006

Gurren Lagann Best Sound

Hip hop found its way into anime in this series. The first CD in this 3-disc collection is a compilation of OP/ED themes and character songs.

Aniplex, SVWC 7493~7495
Oct 2007

Get Wild Song Mafia

You have to hear this one to believe it; 36 different versions of TM Network’s smash hit ED song from City Hunter, including live and remixes, spread over 4 CDs.

Avex Entertainment, AVCD-93669-71/B
April 2017

City Hunter Private Eyes Vocal Collection

劇場版シティーハンター 新宿プライベート・アイズ – VOCAL COLLECTION

When the Private Eyes movie brought City Hunter back to life, its soundtrack incorporated many of the favorite songs from the original. This disc puts them in one place.

Aniplex, SVWC 70394
Feb 2019

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Mach GoGoGo Song Collection

マッハ GOGOGO ソング・コレクション

OP/ED themes and “insert” songs from the 1997 reboot of Speed Racer.

Columbia Music Entertainment, COCC-14228
May 1997

Mach GoGoGo Complete Song Collection

マッハ GOGOGO 全曲集

Songs from both the 1997 version and the original.

Columbia Music Entertainment, COCX-33066
Jan 2005

Speed Race Japan
A tribute to Mach GoGoGo

SPEED RACE JAPAN ~ マッハ GoGoGo トリビュート

Remixes and electronica, covering and inspired by the 1967 classic.

Dreamusic, MUCD 8007
Aug 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam titles

PsycheGundam ~ Four’s Counterattack

機動戦士ガンダム サイケガンダム ~ 逆襲のフォウ

Dance-mix-style covers of OP/ED songs from the first three Gundam series, six tracks with vocals with a non-vocal version of each one for karaoke purposes.

King Record Co., KICA-459
April 1999

Listen to it here

Mobile Suit Gundam Z Toki o Koete

A mini-collection of OP/ED themes from Zeta Gundam, with three different versions of Sign of Zeta.

King Record Co., KICM 3104
May 2005

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Complete Best


Complete OP/ED collection from Gundam Seed (12 tracks).

Sony Music, AICL 1506
July 2004

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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Complete Best


Complete OP/ED collection from Gundam Seed Destiny (13 tracks) with all the titles themselves on a bonus DVD.

Sony Music, SMCL-111~2
Nov 2005

Soldiers of Sorrow ZXR

哀 戦士・Z×R

English-language rock covers of 10 songs from multiple Gundam productions, plus two originals.

by Richie Kotzen
BMG Japan, BVC2-34022
March 2006

Gundam History Hit Song

ガンダム! ヒストリー・ヒット・ソング

Seven songs from different productions, all by Mami Ayukawa

Asuta Entertainment, POCE-3222
May 2007

Gundam 30th Anniversary
I, Senshi ~ Soldiers of Sorrow Tribute

I, Senshi ~ 哀 戦士 トリビュート

The first series reached its 30th anniversary in 2009 and got a nice batch of tributes. This disc features six versions of Soldiers of Sorrow, each by a different artist.

Victor Entertainment, VTCL-60161
July 2009

Gundam Tribute from Lantis

ガンダム トリビュート from Lantis

Various artists cover 14 tracks from multiple Gundam productions.

Lantis, LACA-5985

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2009 Fly!Gundam & Amuro Forever


New covers of the original 1979 OP/ED songs by a dream team of vocalists. Vocal and karaoke versions of each.

Victor Entertainment, VTCL-35130
Oct 2009

The Boy in the Birdcage
Hiroko Moriguchi


Two new songs by Hiroko Moriguchi for a Zeta Gundam pachinko game (vocal and karaoke versions) plus a reprint of the second Z Gundam OP song.

King Record Co., KICM 1809
Feb 2018

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Gundam Song Covers

by Hiroko Moriguchi
King Record Co., KICS 3790
Aug 2019

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Gundam Song Covers 2

by Hiroko Moriguchi
King Record Co., KICS 3926
Sept 2020

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In these impressive albums, Hiroko Moriguchi revisits songs she originally sang for Gundam and expands her repertoire to cover many, many more.

Gundam Song Covers 3

by Hiroko Moriguchi
King Record Co., KICS 94039
March 2022

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Vocalist Collections

Isao Sasaki Singing His Beloved Animation Hits

A unique (and very rare) album in which an American writer created English-language lyrics for 13 classic OP/ED songs originally performed by Isao Sasaki. Here, he does self-covers of each in English.

Nippon Columbia, CZ-7018

Isao Sasaki ~ Man’s Poem

佐々木功 ~ 男の詩

Sasaki is known as “Japan’s Elvis,” an actor/singer who won huge acclaim for his strong, energetic performances of the Yamato theme and many more. Most of his collections will have major overlap, but they’re always worth checking out if you’re a fan.

Nippon Columbia, COCC-13042
Nov 1995

Isao Sasaki Deluxe Collection

A huge 5-disc set with a wide variety of lesser-heard anime and live-action tokusatsu themes, including the entire Beloved Animation Hits a handful of Elvis covers, and more.

Columbia Music Entertainment, B00005EQ6L
March 1999

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Debut 45th Anniversary, Isao Sasaki Best
Galactic Voyage

ささきいさお 45周年記念ベスト 銀河航海誌

25 favorite OP/ED themes from SF anime and tokusatsu titles, ranging from 1973 to 2004.

Columbia Music Entertainment, COCX-33356
Sep 2005

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Isao Sasaki TV Theme Song Collection DVD

ささきいさお TV主題歌全集

Over an hour of OP/ED sequences with Sasaki themes; 39 anime titles and 12 tokusatsu titles.

Nippon Columbia, COBC-5880
Dec 2010

Isao Sasaki Debut 55th Anniversary Special Live DVD

ささきいさお デビュー55周年記念 スペシャルライブ

A complete live concert with 35 songs from across Sasaki’s entire spectrum, including a bonus disc with interviews and studio footage. He did all this again for his 60th anniversary in 2021, but a video release has yet to appear.

Nippon Columbia, COBC-7054~5
Oct 2018

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Great Old Anime Songs
Isao Sasaki vs Ichirou Mizuki


Ichirou Mizuki and Isao Sasaki have been friends and rivals for decades. If you hear a deep, booming male voice in a 1970s OP or ED song, odds are it’s one or the other. This CD puts their best-known songs in one place, seven tracks each.

Columbia Music Entertainment, GES-12932

Aniki Himself ~ 30th Anniversary BEST

アニキ自身 〜 30th Anniversary BEST

Mizuki goes by the title of “Aniking” (sometimes shortened to “Aniki,” which means “brother”) and often takes the lead in anime song concerts. He’s best known for the original Mazinger Z opening. This 2-disc collection puts 21 hits on a “new vocal disc” and 18 different versions of Mazinger Z on an “All of Mazinger Z disc.” I know, it’s nuts.

Columbia Records, COCX-31711~12
Nov 2001

Ichirou Mizuki, Live of Aniking


An extensive 2-disc collection of live performances with anime and tokusatsu themes, along with a few American standards sung in English.

Be!Smile Ltd., BSCH-30035/6
April 2005

WAY ~ Grand Aniki Style

WAY ~ グランド・アニキ・スタイル

Self-covers of 12 favorites accompanied by jazz, orchestral, and brass musicians.

by Ichirou Mizuki
Aniplex, SVWC 7558
July 2008

Anime Song Debut
50th Anniversary Best Zesho – Z Show

アニソンデビュー50周年記念ベスト 絶唱 Z Show

A 2-disc mega-compilation released to mark Mizuki’s unfortunate passing in 2022. If there’s only room for one Mizuki CD in your collection, make it this one.

Columbia Music Entertainment, COCX-41910~1
Jan 2023

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Mitsuko Horie Best & Best

堀江美都子 ベスト&ベスト

Mitsuko Horie is a “grand dame” of anime and tokusatsu themes, starting out as a teenager in the late 60s and carrying on today both live and in studio. This 2-disc collection covers her entire career (up to 1995) with 46 tracks.

Nippon Columbia, COCC-12813~14
Aug 1995

MIO Perfect Best

MIO (MIQ) パーフェクト・ベスト

She started out as “Mio” in the 70s and renamed herself “Miq” when she ascended to godhood. Her powerful, soulful voice is unforgettable. This 20-track collection rounds up all her most famous OP/ED songs with four English versions.

King Record Co., KICS 1657
June 2011

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I am the ONE

Akira Kushida is another mainstay, with a rough and ready voice that commands attention. I first heard on the OP/ED songs for Xabungle, which never fail to ignite a crowd in concert.

Columbia Music Entertainment, COCX-32360
Aug 2003

Live Concerts

Voice Voice Voice

Aoni Pro 10 Anniversary Festival Live


Nippon Columbia, CQ-7015
Oct 1978

Voice Voice Voice

Nichigeki Voice Actor Festival Live Record

日劇声優フェスティバル ライヴ盤

Nippon Columbia, CS-7112~3 (double LP)
April 1979

Voice actor popularity rose exponentially when the audience for anime expanded in the mid 70s to include teens. These two live performances each brought an army of them together on stage to perform anime themes with an orchestra and participate in comedy sketches involving their best-known characters.

Anime Grand March
Columbia Family Anime All Star Concert


All the elite vocalists I mentioned above began appearing together at live concerts in the 90s devoted entirely to anime OP/ED songs. Fans who grew up on anime flocked to the shows and the “Live Anison” [Anime Song] phenomenon was born. This disc presents the Columbia Anime Fest ’93 live concert; 15 artists, 23 tracks.

Nippon Columbia, COCC-11257
Nov 1993

Grand Symphonic Poem ‘Rail of Fantasy’ 1998

大交響詩「幻想軌道」 松本零士 ~ 漫画家生活45周年

Leiji Matsumoto rose to prominence again as his signature year 1999 approached. This inspired a pair of annual concerts that brought his best-known songs from TV and film to the stage with magnificent orchestral performances. Each concert was released on a 2-disc set.

Nippon Columbia, COCX-30110~11
Oct 1998

Grand Symphonic Poem ‘Rail of Fantasy’ 1999


The track listings for the 1998 and 1999 concerts overlap quite a bit, but also contain significant differences and are completely separate performances. If you’re a fan, you’ll want both.

Nippon Columbia, COCX-30654~55
Oct 2001

LIVE! from Super Robot Spirits Tour ’98

スーパーロボット魂 TOUR´98

Super Robot Spirits was a 1998 Nintendo fighting game that brought favorite anime mecha together. Their theme songs came with them, igniting a whole series of live concerts that brought these songs to the stage in full-on annual rock concerts. Many (but not all) were released as 2-disc sets.

First Smile Entertainment, FSCA-10051
Sept 1998

Super Robot Spirits Tour ’99 Haru no Jin

スーパーロボット魂 TOUR′99 ライブアルバム

This is the one I described at the top of the page, the concert that blew my head off. This is where the concept expanded beyond the scope of the Nintendo games and started to incorporate songs and artists from the wider anime world. For example, Isao Sasaki blew the roof of the joint with both Yamato themes. No way could I miss that.

First Smile Entertainment, FSCA-10092
July 1999

Super Robot Spirits Tour ’99 Haru no Jin

スーパーロボット魂 TOUR’99 春の陣 LIVE at 赤坂BLITZ

A few of the SRS concerts were released on DVD as well. Seeing them is even better than listening to them, especially when you see the crowd explode. For some reason, three tracks were left out of the DVD for this concert, but thankfully not the ones I wanted to see most.

Happinet Pictures
Aug 1999

Find several complete SRS concerts on Youtube here

Super Robot Spirits 2000
“Summer Campaign” DVD

スーパー ロボット スピリッツ 2000 “夏の陣”

I haven’t yet found any of the 2000 concerts on CD, but managed to locate two of them on video. This one contains 21 tracks.

Happinet Pictures
Feb 2001

Super Robot Spirits 2000 DVD

This was a totally separate show from 2000, a different set list with 26 tracks. I only have a bootleg version, and couldn’t locate data on the official one. But it must be out there somewhere.

Hong Kong bootleg, date unknown

Super Robot Spirits 2003
Spring Campaign

スーパーロボット魂 2003 春の陣

The energy just kept growing. This 2-disc set added even more performers to the lineup with 25 tracks on two discs. As the repertoire expanded, it incorporated new songs and classics alike. It’s no exaggeration to say that if you’re anything like me, you’ll want every single one of these concerts in your collection.

King Record Co., KICA-1297/8
June 2003

Ardent! Anison Spirits Vol. 1

熱烈! アニソン魂 Vol. 1, Anitama Live in AJF 2004

The more the merrier! “Anison Spirits” picked up where “Super Robot Spirts” left off, switching out artists and songs to keep it fresh and exciting. This show spreads 26 tracks over two discs. There was also a volume 2, featuring a different concert from the same 2004 tour.

King Record Co., FYAN-001~2
Oct 2004

Watch the entire concert on Youtube here

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