Anime fan art, Volume 2

In Volume 1, I explained the genesis of these drawings as something to share with fellow members of anime-themed APAs. But there were other purposes, too. Here’s more of the same. Hope you like Fist of the North Star!

Click here to see my Armored Trooper Votoms fan art.

Back in the late 80s, Area 88 was SUPER popular. The anime videos were passed around with high frequency and VIZ made it one of the first manga to be published monthly in English. I gave it my own salute with this cover image for an APA.

The original creator, Kaoru Shintani, was a master at drawing realistic aircraft, but he had a deep background in girl’s manga, so his characters all looked rather feminine, which was a very strange juxtaposition.

Dirty Pair was also huge, and everyone I knew was a fan. This art was done at the request of a fellow APA member who wrote his own fanfic and needed some illustrations.

This was the one and only Macross cartoon I ever drew, and it has a very specific reference point. The first attempt to release the series in English was a 3-episode VHS tape that preceded Robotech. It was customary back (1984) to avoid music licensing costs by replacing the entire soundtrack, leading to some very, very regrettable creative choices. The opening song for this version of Macross was so godawful that my friend Steve Harrison and I imagined it being performed by Bill Murray’s Nick the lounge singer on Saturday Night Live.

Here we go with the Fist of the North Star collection. If you’re not into it, just skip to the end of the page. Because I was REALLY into it.

My ongoing battle with photocopiers was right up there with the printer in Office Space.

This piece was done for an anime convention in 1992. Jim Smith, an animator on Ren and Stimpy was the guest of honor (I was a guest as well), so the staff asked me to come up with a piece that combined Ren and Stimpy with an anime of my choice. Details below…

This particular anime convention was held in Texas, where armadillos ran wild and free. Since I would have my own table to sell stuff, I drew this diagram and put it on a T-shirt. I went there with 50 or so and came home with zero, so that worked out well.

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