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Variety of Vifam Vol. 1 & 2 (VHS) October and December 1984

Variety of Vifam Vol. 1: A Letter from Kachua (LD)

After returning to Earth, Rodey and his eleven friends become known as heroes. The children’s daily lives are constantly under the scrutiny of the public, and many of them feel stressed by their newfound popularity. One day, they received a letter from Kachua and Jimmy, who remained on Kukuto. The children gather at a movie theater to watch the video enclosed in the letter, trying to avoid being seen. Following cheerful images of Kachua and Jimmy, the screen shows a compilation of the children’s adventures. The children reminisce about the nostalgic images and talk about them.

Variety of Vifam Vol. 2: The 13 Gather (LD)

Kachua and Jimmy, who were supposed to have stayed behind on Kukuto, come to Earth to watch the video with the other children. Like the other eleven, have somehow grown up, but they don’t care about that and watch the second half of the video. Rodey and his friends get even more excited as they watch. However, as the movie ends, the sound of whistling echoes through the theater. Meuller appears, alive and well.

OAV 1: The 12 Who Vanished (VHS) February 1985

OAV 1: The 12 Who Vanished (LD)

One night on the Janus, on its way to planet Taut, Scott finds himself in front of a girl’s room with a gaping hole in the door, and is accused of molestation by Claire and the others. Resentful, Scott runs away from the Janus in a small shuttle, but Bogie tells him that the enemy is coming. Rodey and the others go to Scott’s rescue, but there is no sign of the enemy. Apparently, Bogey malfunctioned. On the way back to the ship, Rodey discovers an enemy surveillance satellite and infiltrates its interior. He escapes by destroying the unmanned control room, but is completely unaware that something stows away on the Vifam…

OAV 2: Kate’s Memory (VHS) September 1985

OAV 2: Kate’s Memory (LD) September 1985

A ceremony to promote the friendship between Earth and Kukuto is to be held, and Rodey and his friends are invited to visit Kukuto again. The children are happy to see Kachua and Jimmy at the airport lobby. Then, in the middle of the welcome luncheon, Roddy receives a call from a strange woman. The woman, who introduces herself as Nella, tells him that Meuller wants to see him. At their meeting the next day, Meuller pulls out a photo of Kate. She was a prisoner, and he has been protecting her. However, Kate had lost her memory due to the shock of being interrogated as a prisoner of war. The children sneak away from their duties, determined to bring her back…

Includes a short parody video, Chicago Super Police 13.

Ad for TV Series Laserdisc Box sets, 1994/95

TV Series LD box part 1 (first half), December 1994

TV Series LD box part 2 (second half), September 1995

LD set books; click here to see them cover to cover

TV Series on VHS, 1998

TV Series on DVD, 3-box set (2003)

Ad for DVD Complete Box, 2006

DVD Complete Box: TV series, all OAVs, Vifam 13 and music CDs

TV Series on DVD, individual volumes (2006)

TV Series and Vifam 13 on DVD, 3-box set (2011)

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