Other Vifam products

Jigsaw puzzle


Pencil case

Face mask

Pencil board, type 1

Pencil boards were a basic school supply in Japan, used to reinforce notepads. These Vifam by Seika Note Co. each included English text. The illustrations were done by the animators at Studio Live.

“Hello, Vifam. An era in which mankind live in space. The mysterious ruins found on the planet Clayad. A surprise attack by the aliens. Our planet is being destroyed…and we set out on a journey to space, urged by the thirteen children drifting in space.”

Pencil board, type 2

“The thirteen children who lost their relatives and homes in the battle with the aliens experience space which is so vast compared with their tiny frame. These small kids who just until yesterday played in the field ride in the Round Vernian. The enemy are coming! The children are running around! Thud, thud! Grumble, grumble! The Jaynas, their new home, is filled with merry children. Bzzz, bzzz! Bang, bang! To the children who hang in there…Never give up, Vifam.”

Pencil board, type 3


Tactical game by Bandai

Computerized war game by Bandai. As a Round Vernian pilot, the player can fight multiple simulations on ground or in space with a computer determining the outcome. Could also be networked with other players.

Monitor simulation game by Bandai (cartridge for MSX system). See a playthrough video here.

Tactical game by Tsukuda Hobby

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