Vifam Music

See all releases for Vifam 13 here

Music Collection LP Vol. 1
Hear it on Youtube here

Music Collection LP Vol. 2
Hear both Music Collections back to back on Youtube here

Drama album LP (TV series story, part 1)

Music Collection Extra Edition LP

Music & Drama LP set: Music Collection 3, Drama album 2

New BGM album LP (soundtrack for Kate’s Memory OAV)

Kate’s Memory drama album LP

Digital Trip Synthesizer Fantasy LPs Vol. 1 & 2 (Vifam compositions rearranged for synthesizer)
Hear the first volume on Youtube here

Hello Vifam / Never Give Up single

The Astro Enemy / You Are Won•der•ful single

Tsubasa (Wing) / Dreamytown single (songs from Kate’s Memory)

Vifam Heart & Gift Set singles, note pad, sticker sheet

Memorial CD Box (all music and drama tracks), 1995

Hello Vifam / Never Give Up CD single

TAO: Far East CD (contemporary album by the band that created Hello Vifam and Never Give Up)

ANIME SUPER TRIVIA: Two of the members of TAO later formed the band EUROX and created the
half-English opening and end titles for Panzer World Galient in 1985!

Vifam Collaboration CD (Emiko Shiratori sings to Vifam & Vifam 13 compositions with a full orchestra), 2005

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