Vifam magazine coverage

Animage, October 1983

The Anime, October 1983

My Anime, October 1983

Animedia, November 1983

Animage, December 1983

Animedia, January 1984

My Anime, January 1984

Animec, January 1984

Animage, April 1984

The Anime, April 1984

Animedia, May 1984

The Anime, May 1984

Animec, May 1984

The Anime, June 1984

Animedia, July 1984

OUT, July 1984

Animedia, September 1984

The Anime, September 1984

Great Mechanics G, September 2016

All pages below from children’s hobby magazines, courtesy of Christopher Mah, Toybox DX

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