Vifam Books

Though most books published for the series have the same basic content (characters, mecha, and story guide), there is a huge variety of formats and other features. Almost all of them have unique artwork, much of it created by the animation team at Studio Live. Everything is out of print, but completely worth hunting down.

The Anime Special Edition

Kindaeiga Co., May 1984
136 pages

The Anime Special Edition 2

Kindaeiga Co., Nov 1984
136 pages

Animedia Special Edition

Gakken, July 1984
136 pages

Animedia Special Edition Part 2

Gakken, Oct 1984
136 pages

Studio Live Book: RADIKU Vol. 1-3

“Jam ‘zines” by the animation team of Vifam and other shows
Studio Live, Aug 1984
3 volumes, 58 pages each

Manga by Yu Sagai

Compressed adaptation of the TV series

Kodansha, March and September 1984
paperbacks, approx. 200 pages each

Anime Resource Library, Setting Documents

My Anime magazine bonus booklet
36 pages, October 1984

Terebi Magazine Anime Special #4

Kodansha, Oct 1984
paperback, 196 pages

Animec Special Edition: Sparkling Vifam

Rapport KK, Dec 1984
158 pages

MJ Material 2: Vifam Super Mechanic Guide

Making Journal magazine special edition, Dec 1984
Mecha compendium, 36 pages

Vifam Original Picture Collection

Publisher and date unknown
Original illustrations and TV series animation layouts by Studio Live

Best Hit Series, Vifam Graffiti

LOTS of original art in this one
98 pages, Jan 1985

Vifam Perfect Memory

The largest and most extensive book in the entire library (top recommendation)

Minori Shobo, Jan 1985
260 pages

The 12 Who Vanished, Perfect Book

The Anime magazine bonus booklet, May 1985
Guidebook to the OAV, 28 pages

Toyoo Ashida Illustrations

Art from Vifam and other projects

Minori Shobo, Aug 1985
106 pages

The Anime Film Comics: Kate’s Memory

Manga composed of animation stills
Kindaieiga Co, Dec 1985
paperback, 160 pages each

Galaxy Drifter Vifam: We 13

Tokuma Shoten, Feb 1986
paperback, 128 pages

Bandai Entertainment Bible #21

Bandai, Nov 1990
paperback, 144 pages

Vifam Complete Artworks

The only book containing material on all TV episodes, OAVs, and Vifam 13 (top recommendation)
Entertainment Archive Series Vol. 2
224 pages, April 2006

Dougram & Vifam Models

Model photography and animation art
Ascii Media Works, June 2012
134 pages

Master File

Original mecha illustrations and model photography
Softbank Creative, June 2103
128 pages

Opening Film Comic

Fanzine, 2015
B&W manga visualization of opening theme song Hello Vifam, 20 pages

Other publications

Children’s books, dates unknown

Coloring books, dates unknown

Nippon Sunrise Anime Festival, 1984 or 1985

A pamphlet to promote OAVs for Vifam(The 12 Who Vanished), Votoms, and Dirty Pair

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