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SPT Layzner Review Book

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー レビューブック

A bonus item with Animage magazine; episode guide for the first half of the series

Color, 18 pages
Tokuma Shoten, May 1986

SPT Layzner Mook

A bonus item with Animedia magazine; contains a prequel novella, characters and mecha, story guide, script excerpt from the final episode, and production data.

B&W with some color, 54 pages
Gakken, Aug 1986

SPT Layzner
The Anime Special Edition

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー ジ・アニメ特別編集

Contains a complete story digest, development materials for Gredos (the working title of the series), character/mecha/location art, staff and cast interviews.

Color, 136 pages
Kindai Movie Co., Aug 1986

SPT Layzner
Roman Album Deluxe 67

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー ロマンアルバム

Story guide for the first half of the series, mecha animation and design, side story manga, Episode 26 overview.

Color and B&W, 98 pages
Tokuma Shoten, Sept 1986

SPT Layzner Complete Guide Book

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー 完全攻略本

A bonus item with Animedia magazine; scene highlights, story digest following OVA format, summary of 52-episode storyline.

Color and B&W, 74 pages
Gakken, Nov 1986

SPT Layzner Animedia Special
Carved Seal 2000


Contains a character guide with original art, story digest following OVA format, mecha action scenes, text story set during the 3-year gap, character analysis, character/mecha/location design, cast & staff interviews.

Color and B&W, 130 pages
Gakken, Dec 1986

SPT Layzner Encyclopedia

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー 大図鑑

Contains “war history” article with original art, mecha guides, expanded background data, and a character catalogue.

Color and B&W, 144 pages
Bandai Entertainment Bible 13, June 1990

SPT Layzner Complete Works

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー コンプリートアートワークス

By far the most extensive book on the series; detailed overview of the entire series with numerous sidebars on related topics. Large design section on the Layzner Mark II.

Color and B&W, 196 pages
Shinkigensha Entertainment Archive Series 4, Dec 2006

Fan-made doujinshis. The edition on the left (B&W, 72 pages) was published by Votoms Guild, Dec 2006; a scrapbook of mecha design, text story reprints, and trivia.

Layzner Recollection 1996-2000

Series handbook with character, mecha, and episode guides.

Color, 32 pages
Blu-ray bonus item, 2013

Layzner: The Conclusive Story

Novella written by Ryosuke Takahashi and Yuichiro Takeda, filling out the missing story material. Originally published as a bonus item with the first LD box set, reprinted for the Blu-ray box set.

B&W, 60 pages
Blu-ray bonus item, 2013

SPT Layzner Complete Records

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー 記録全集

Hardcover book containing extensive development art, Gredos story proposal, staff interviews, product guide, and complete reprints of the SPT Future Technology serial from B-Club magazine.

Color and B&W, 144 pages
Blu-ray bonus item, Sept 2013

SPT Layzner Carved Seal 2000
Recording Script

蒼き流星 SPTレイズナー 刻印2000 録音台本

Reprint of the voice recording script for OVA Vol. 3

B&W, text only, 128 pages
Blu-ray bonus item, Sept 2013

Master File SPT Layzner

マスターファイル SPTレイズナー

A very detailed look at SPT technology with original art, technical illustrations, and CG model works.

Color, 128 pages
SB Creative, Sept 2015

I’m an animation director… or am I?

How to deal with mecha from Dougram and Votoms

Ryosuke Takahashi’s autobiography with a chapter devoted to each of his major robot-based anime works, including Layzner.


Kadokawa, Feb 2019

Kunio Okawara Iron Works

112 pages, color and b&w
Bandai, 1989

Paintings and mecha designs from 1980s Sunrise productions, including Layzner

Kunio Okawara Real Robot Design Works

97 pages, color and b&w
Movic, 2000

Compendium of mecha design from Vifam, SPT Layzner, and Dragonar


B-Club, Nov 1985 • Hobby Japan, Feb 1986
Issues 3-10 of B-Club contained an illustrated serial titled SPT Future Technology
with unique content that expanded the series beyond the anime. See all the pages here.

Hobby Japan, March 1986 • Animedia, May 1986

Newtype, June 1986 • The Anime, Aug 1986

Monthly OUT, Aug 1986 • Hobby Japan, Oct 1986


Consult the links list in the main article to hear all of the music in the Layzner catalog

Opening theme Single: Like Melos~Lonely Way

メロスのように —LONELY WAY
B/W Just 5 Minutes of Selfishness

Performed by Airmail From Nagasaki
King Records K07S-3073, Oct 1985

Ending theme 1 single: Just 5 Minutes of Selfishness

B/W image song Don’t Make it Rain

Performed by Seico Tomizawa
King Records K07S-10070, Nov 1985

Ending theme 2 single: La Rose Rouge

B/W image song Maybe

Performed by Seico Tomizawa
King Records K07S-10103, May 1986

CD single

Contains Like Melos~Lonely Way and La Rose Rouge

King Records K10X 23033, Aug 1988

Dogen? by Airmail From Nagasaki

This is the only known work (so far) of this curious pop trio, an EP containing six songs, including Like Melos and Just 5 Minutes. The recording date is given as November 1985, but the TV series debuted in October, so that part of the work must have started earlier. Both Layzner songs also appear on BGM Collection 1. The other four songs on this EP are not similar in tone.

Seven Seas K20A733, Jan 1986

BGM Collection 1

Includes Like Melos and Just 5 Minutes of Selfishness (Airmail From Nagasaki version)

LP: King Records K25G-7284, Dec 1985

CD: King Records KICA 2146, March 1993

BGM Collection 2

Includes Just 5 Minutes of Selfishness (Seico Tomizawa version), Don’t Make it Rain, and Like Melos (instrumental)

LP: King Records K25G-7295, April 1986

CD: King Records KICA 2147, March 1993

BGM Collection 3

Includes TV size versions of Like Melos and La Rose Rouge

LP: King Records K25G-7306, June 1986

CD: King Records KICA 2148, March 1993

BGM Collection 4 An Extra

A few new tracks, several remixes. Includes La Rose Rouge, Maybe and Like Melos (instrumental)

LP: King Records K25G-73208, Jan 1987

CD: King Records K32X 7038, Feb 1989

The Music From Layzner

A collection of synth music by Hiroki Inui and the “One Night Stand Band” very loosely based on Layzner BGM tracks.

LP: King Records K28G-7312, Aug 1986
CD: King Records KICA 16, April 1990

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