Gunhed Legend manga, 1989

This one-shot manga, set some time before the movie, explores a moment in time in which Gunheds were deployed in a wartime scenario. It was published in B-Club magazine No. 44 in July, 1989. The artist/writer is Kazuhisa Kondo, best known for his many Mobile Suit Gundam side stories. His interest lies more with mecha than people, so his writing is decidedly on the dry side. I recommend playing a selection from the Gunhed movie soundtrack to liven it up.

Artist/writer・Kazuhisa Kondo | Concept・Hiromichi Izumi | Cooperation・Sunrise

June 25, 2027. At 4:32 a.m., 25 armored divisions of the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO) broke through the Germandome defense line on the former West German border from three directions, entering into combat with the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces guarding Europe.

With the establishment of the World Federation, the former nations changed their names to states, but the conflict between the East and the West continued as before. In particular, with the establishment of the Germandome through the unification of East and West Germany, tensions in Europe were even higher than in the 1990s.

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