Mobile Suit Gundam books, set 6


MS Gundam ZZ&Z Preservation Edition Setting Documents Collection

機動戦士ガンダム ZZ&Z 保存版設定資料集

Color and b&w, 184 pages
Bandai, 1986

“MJ Material” is an abbreviation for Making Journal magazine, a Bandai publication. Several special issues like this one focused on individual topics. Two 1985 editions (found in the Zeta Gundam section) came out while the series was still on the air, so they only got about halfway. This larger volume reprints some of that material and takes it to the finish with character and mecha designs with an all-text episode guide. The same kind of coverage for Double Zeta is featured at the front of the book, only going up to episode 20 since the show was still on the air at the time.

The Complete Book of Gundam

Color and B&W, 66 pages
Tokuma Shoten, 1987

A paperback bonus item with an issue of Animage magazine (Dec ’87) that attempted to contain First Gundam, Zeta, and Double Zeta in just 66 pages. Points for ambition.

MS Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ
All Newtype Illustrated Book


B&W, 36 pages
Gakken, 1987

Bonus item with Animedia magazine (March ’87), a booklet examining and comparing all the characters who exhibited Newtype abilities. Includes the complete script to Double Zeta‘s final episode.

MS Gundam Mobile Suit Compendium
B-Club Special

機動戦士ガンダム MS大全集

Color, 136 pages
Bandai, 1988

A collection put together when there were still only 311 mobile suits, up to and including Char’s Counterattack. Since outdated many times over. But still an interesting time capsule.

Kenichi Ishibashi Illust Collection 1
Metal Heart


Color, 79 pages
Bandai, 1988

Color paintings from 1980s Sunrise anime model kit box art, Gundam and others

M.S.ERA Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080

Color, 152 pages
Bandai, 1990

Published in the wake of Gundam 0080, a collection of illustrated “battlefield photographs” candidly taken during the One-Year War depicting the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. Includes an occasional nod to anime moments. English text, highly recommended.

MS Gundam Illustration World

機動戦士ガンダム イラストレーション ワールド

Color, 144 pages
Sunrise, 1998

Enjoyable collection of paintings and illustrations from all the UC Gundam series up to the time of publication; poster art, book and record covers, product art, etc. English edition released by Books Nippan.

Kunio Okawara Gundam Art Works


Color, high page count
Movic, 1998

Paintings by Mecha Designer Kunio Okawara from several Gundam series, from the beginning through the 90s.

Gundam Episode Guide Vol. 3

ガンダム エピソードガイド Vol.3
Grips Conflict and Neo Zeon War 1・2 UC0087-0093

Color, 160 pages
Kadokawa Shoten, 1999

Broad overview of story and art that examines Z Gundam, Double Zeta, and Char’s Counterattack as a single, continuous narrative.

MS Gundam Tribute Magazine G20

機動戦士ガンダム トリビュート マガジン ジーツーオーG2O

Ascii Publishing, 1998-99

This magazine series marked the 20th anniversary of the original series with nine bimonthly issues. Its primary focus was the many facets of Gundam as a social phenomenon.

MS Gundam G20 Revival Side A

機動戦士ガンダム G2O 復刻版 サイド A

Color, 286 pages
Enterbrain, 2005

A reprinting of several issues of G20 (skipping issues 4 and 9 for some reason) with additional content.

MS Gundam G20 Revival Side B

機動戦士ガンダム G2O 復刻版 サイド B

Color, moderate page count
Enterbrain, 2005

A companion volume to “Side A” mainly featuring essays by prominent fans under the banner title “Gundam is my life.”

MS Memoire, The Best Mobile Suit U.C.0079~U.C.0153

機動戦士ガンダム MS回顧録 The Best Mobile Suit U.C.0079~U.C.0153

Color, 208 pages
Mediaworks, 1999

Superb collection of modeling and unique illustrations cataloging mobile suits of the UC stories.

Edge of Gundam
Hirotoshi Sano Gundam Art Collection


Color and B&W, 136 pages
Hobby Japan, 2001

Paintings and illustrations from multiple series.

Katoki Hajime Designs & Products

カトキ ハジメ デザイン アンド プロダクツ

Color, 128 pages
Kadokawa Shoten, 2001

If you drool over Bandai’s masterfully-produced Gundam models and figures but lack the time, money, or shelf space to accomodate them, this book is the next best thing. Extensive photography of products developed for Bandai by master designer Katoki Hajime with construction illustrations.

Katoki Hajime Designs & Products Approved Gundam

カトキハジメ デザイン アンド プロダクツ アプルーブド ガンダム

Color and B&W, 144 pages
Kadokawa Shoten, 2003

A continuation of the 2001 book, leaning heavier into the illustration side of the creative process.

MS Gundam Mobile Suit Compendium
Mobile Suit Illustrated 2003

機動戦士ガンダム MS大全集 2003

Color and B&W, 312 pages
Mediaworks, 2003

A later and much larger version of the Mobile Suit Compendium, up to and including The Origin. At least three more editions followed this one.

MS Gundam The Anthology 1 & 2

機動戦士ガンダムTHE ANTHOLOGY ①&②

Color and B&W, 174 pages each
Kadokawa Shoten, 2003

Paperback collections of comedy manga from the pages of Gundam Ace magazine, various artists.

Gundam Photography

ガンダム フォトグラフィ

Color, 128 pages
Kodansha, 2004

A hardcover photobook that combines model photography with CG and real backgrounds for some truly spectacular, realistic results. Includes subjects from multiple series, English text.

Our Favorite Gundam
One-Year War Edition

僕たちの好きなガンダム 一年戦争編

Color and B&W, 160 pages
Takarajima, 2004

A densely-packed encyclopedia that covers all the UC series set during the One-Year War.

Gundam Fix Figuration Catalog 2004

ガンダム フィックス フィギュレーション カタログ 2004

Color, 32 pages
Kadokawa, 2004

Bonus item with Gundam Ace magazine (Aug ’04) rounding up all the Gundam Fix figures available by that time; reuses some content from Katoki Hajime’s previous Designs & Products books

Gundam Ace Comics MS collection

Color, 66 pages
Kadokawa, 2009

A color compendium of mobile suits specifically designed for the various spinoff manga titles in Gundam Ace, including The Origin.

Hiroyuki Kitazume Art Collection
Characters of Gundam


Color, 102 pages
Kadokawa Shoten, 2004

Kitazume has consistently delivered the best Gundam character art since joining the animation team on Z Gundam and producing works for magazines, book covers, video packaging, etc. Includes pieces from his manga Char’s Deleted Affair. Highly recommended.

MS Gundam Official setting Book
Anaheim Journal U.C.0083-0099

機動戦士ガンダム公 式設定集 アナハイム・ジャーナル U.C.0083-0099

Color, 100 pages
Enterbrain, 2004

An in-universe magazine from Universal Century year 0099, the “100th issue” of Anaheim Journal with articles on engineering and culture, including advertising. Comes with an inflight magazine for a trip from Earth to Von Braun City on the Moon. Occasional English text.

Masterpiece Zeta Gundam

マスターピース ゼータ ガンダム

Color, 130 pages
Softbank Creative, 2006

An in-universe technology magazine from Universal Century year 0106, examining the development of the Zeta Gundam (through extensive articles and model photography) and the evolution of its technology beyond the anime storyline. Includes contemporary advertising from the Universal Century.

Masterpiece Double Zeta Gundam

マスターピース ダブルゼータ・ガンダム

Color, 128 pages
Softbank Creative, 2009

An in-universe technology magazine from Universal Century year 0109, examining the development of the Double Zeta (through extensive articles and model photography) and the evolution of its technology beyond the anime storyline. Includes contemporary advertising from the Universal Century.

Gundam Evolve Material

ガンダム イボルブ マテリアル

Color, 128 pages
Ichijinsha, 2007

Official description: Design materials for all 15 episodes of the Gundam Evolve series. Discusses the approach to MS design in Gundam Evolve, as well as the evolution of CG throughout the series. Includes materials for the Fuji-Q Highland attraction Gundam the Ride: Space Fortress A Baoa Ku and the planetarium dome movie Gundam New Experience 0087 Green Divers.

MS Gundam Z Gundam & Gundam ZZ Chronicles, the History of U.C. Gundam 0084-0089

機動戦士ガンダム U.C.0084-0089

Color, 255 pages
B Media Books, 2009

Official description: The new heartbeat of the Gundam universe. The most powerful book that captures the big picture from the Gryps Battle to the First Neo Zeon War is here! It covers all 97 episodes of Z and ZZ as well as the characters and mobile suits that appeared in the series. This is a new translation of Z & ZZ that is a must-have for fans, including the theatrical version.

If all you’re looking for is a concise digest of both Zeta and Double Zeta in one place, this satisfyingly dense book will do it for you. Both series are covered with equal heft; character and mobile suit guides (with English names) and episode-by-episode synopses with plenty of stills. There’s also a complete timeline with real UC dates for both shows.

The Official Gundam Fact File Mechanic Illustrations Vol. 1 & 2

週刊ガンダム・ファクトファイル メカニック イラストレーションズ

Color, 192 pages
DeAgostini Japan, 2014

Gundam Fact File was a magazine that covered all aspects of all the Gundam series, a very sophisticated publication that commissioned a lot of original artwork. That original art is collected at full size here in these two huge volumes, measuring approx. 10″x14″ and they are SPECTACULAR. The art is presented in narrative order, so Vol. 1 covers UC 0079-0083 and Vol. 2 covers 0087-0153 with some non-UC thrown in. Both are worthy of your coffee table.

Get them from regular old US Amazon here (Vol. 1) and here (Vol. 2)

Yuji Kaida Gundam Artworks


Color, 127 pages
Dai Nippon Painting, 2015

Model kit box art from multiple Gundam series. Order it here.

MS Gundam MS Picture Book
(Mobile Suit Omnibus
Universal Century Edition) Vol. 1

機動戦士ガンダム モビルスーツ大図鑑【宇宙世紀編】Vol.1

Color, 98 pages
Hobby Japan, 2019

Booklet bundled with Hobby Japan magazine (Oct. 2019), encyclopedia of mobile suits from the One-Year War.

MS Gundam MS Picture Book
(Mobile Suit Omnibus
Universal Century Edition) Vol. 2

機動戦士ガンダム モビルスーツ大図鑑【宇宙世紀編】Vol.2

Color, 98 pages
Hobby Japan, 2019

Booklet bundled with Hobby Japan magazine (Nov. 2019), encyclopedia of mobile suits from Z Gundam through V Gundam.

MS Gundam MS Picture Book
(Mobile Suit Omnibus
Universal Century Edition) Vol. 3

機動戦士ガンダム モビルスーツ大図鑑【宇宙世紀編】Vol.3

Color, 98 pages
Hobby Japan, 2019

Booklet bundled with Hobby Japan magazine (Dec. 2019), encyclopedia of mobile suits from UC side stories and spinoffs.

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