Galient home video releases

OAV volumes on VHS

These were the first to appear, coming out the year after the series finished its initial broadcast. It was standard practice for Nippon Sunrise to publish two compilations followed by an original story released exclusively on home video.

Vol. 1 Chapter of the Land (eps 1-13), January 1986
Vol. 2 Chapter of the Sky (eps 14-25), March 1986
Vol. 3 Crest of Iron (original story), August 86


Prior to the advent of DVD, LD box sets were the highest form of home video marketing for anime. The boxes were large and sturdy, and the disc jackets often sported unique original art. Even today, their impressive production values make them worthy keepsakes.

Crest of Iron laserdisc
Discus, 1986

TV Series Perfect Collection
Takara, 1991

Perfect Collection included a bonus model kit of the Azolba Zee
See all interior art and book pages farther down this page

Memorial Box
Bandai Emotion, 1998
Included the TV series and OAVs

DVD Collections

Memorial Box
Bandai Emotion, 2003

Anniversary Edition
Bandai Emotion, 2008

Bandai Emotion, 2011
Available from here or CD Japan here

Blu-Ray Collection

Premium Blu-ray Box
WB Home Entertainment, 2017

Available from here
See a commercial for the set here

Contents of the 1991 Perfect Collection LD box

Sleeve art is by Yoshiyuki Takani, originally painted for Takara’s 1/100 model kits. English text is enlarged farther down the page.

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