Galient publications

Dedicated books

Left: children’s book with flexi-disc of the opening title. Asahi Sonorama, 1984

Right: Galient Complete Artworks covers everything. Highly recommended! New Era publishing, 2008. Currently out of print, but used copies are available at

Bonus booklets from vintage anime magazines

Left: series guidebook from My Anime magazine, 1984

Right: game book from The Anime magazine, 1986. Based on Crest of Iron, illustrations by Yutaka Izubuchi.

1986 poster from NewType magazine by Yutaka Izubuchi

Left: February 1987 issue of Hobby Japan

Center: Sunrise Mechanics CG Artworks Vol. 2 (Movic, 2001) featured CG models created for the video game Sunrise Eiyuutan R (including Galient).

Right: Wonder Art Takani Style (Oakla Publishing, 2002) a showcase of fantasy and SF art by Yoshiyuki Takani, including Galient.

Art collections by Character Designer Norio Shioyama, both include Galient works
Left: Movic, 1996. Right: Village Center, 2002.



Yutaka Izubuchi 30th Anniversary Art Book

Izubuchi participated in mecha design on the TV series, then took it over for a substantial revision on the Crest of Iron OAV. Published in 2008, this 2-volume large format hardcover examined his entire career up to that time, which stretched across anime, live-action, illustration, and manga. He would later go on to direct high-quality remakes of Toward the Terra and Space Battleship Yamato.

His work for Galient was included in the “Design Works” volume of this set. Pages are shown below.


Takara Publications

Dual Magazine was a quarterly publication from Takara that lasted from 1982-1985 and featured unique coverage of the shows and products they sponsored. Galient was a cover feature for the last three issues.

Dual Magazine Monthly 3D Journal was companion publication sold in hobby stores for only a dollar an issue. It ran for ten issues from 1984-85 and offered compact coverage of anime shows and their spinoff model kits. Galient took over as the cover feature from issues 5 to the end. All Galient content from 3D Journal is shown below.































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